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Corporate Values


Effective and Clear

Who are we?

We provide air, land and sea logistics solutions all over the world all while operating in a strategic location in the city of Miami, Florida. We offer a tailor-made service for each customer ensuring that the products, supplies, and cargo which are entrusted to CARGO WINGS will arrive at their destination in perfect condition, in the promised transit time, minimizing delays.

Logistics Management

The precise coordination of all the processes involved in every transaction from beginning to end of the operation is a fundamental part of our services.


Consolidating your compatible cargo into fewer shipments is of great importance.  In our experience we have found it to be the best both in a strategic and competitive standpoint for our clients.

We are a company that builds trust!

Contact Us

For any question, comment or suggestion, please write to us

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1920 NW 79th AVE, Doral, FL 33126

+1 305.420.6364 

+1 786.319.2113

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